Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday Celebration

It turned out we were going to be in town for a Pendley birthday celebration. Wednesday was Summer's birthday and we got go over to Terry & Darlene's for a get together. Jason also took some pictures of Landon for us, and as soon as I figure out how to get them on my blog I'll get them up..haha. Chad's parents are always so welcoming when we're down there, and we just feel like we're with our second family while we're there. Noah was so sweet to let Landon ride the gator, but he finally took over and showed Landon what it was all about.

Kristin & Me
Landon was definately Chad's buddy all week. He loves his uncle Chad!

Summer's friend Lindsay was at the party with her daughter Charlotte, and let me just tell you she is the cutest thing. Her & Sailor have the cutest curls, and I think Landon was checking them both out :)

Landon & Sailer playing some blocks

Noah decided he would tackle Jonathan and knock him to the floor. Good thing he's used to Landon beating him up..haha

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